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Representative Wyble 2024 Regular Session Newsletter

Friends and Neighbors, 

Our first regular legislative session is in full swing and I’m honored to be your voice in Baton Rouge. During the first two special sessions on crime and redistricting, I continuously fought to put Washington Parish first, advocating for the issues that matter to your families and our communities. This regular session, I intend to do the same. My legislative priorities will focus on addressing the following: 

  • Insurance affordability (residential and commercial)

  • Economic and workforce development opportunities

  • High-quality education for all students, led by informed and involved parents

  • Protect and support Louisiana’s agricultural interests

  • Be a voice and leader for rural communities

In addition to these priorities, I’m honored to share with you my legislative agenda for the 2024 Regular Legislative Session: 

House Bill 112: If we want our children to succeed, accountability in education is critical at every level. Under HB 112, we’re requiring superintendents' contracts to be subject to evaluation, and one-third of the evaluation must be focused on growth in student achievement after third grade in math and literacy.

House Bill 115: The bill allows teachers to get back to the basics by removing certain instructional requirements for younger students that are not centered around reading, writing, or mathematics. These instructional requirements will still be taught, but to older students in Louisiana schools. This allows for a more age-appropriate curriculum alignment and potentially reduces the burden on younger students and teachers while maintaining important educational components for older students.

House Bill 188: This bill enhances the qualifications of our local elected school board members by ensuring they must have a minimum educational qualification and do not have certain criminal backgrounds that might be considered incompatible with their responsibilities in overseeing educational matters.

House Bill 664: This bill amends existing laws by increasing the qualifications for United States senators and representatives in Congress. These amendments aim to establish stricter qualifications and certification requirements for individuals seeking to run for United States senator or representative in Congress from Louisiana.

House Bill 675: These amendments aim to provide greater accountability in compliance with campaign finance laws by streamlining the enforcement process, ensuring fairness in determining penalties, and maintaining confidentiality where necessary during legal proceedings related to campaign finance violations in Louisiana.

To stay up to date on my legislative instruments as they move through the process, I encourage you to follow my social media accounts for more frequent updates or visit, select “Search by Author,” then select “Wyble, John E. (H).” Please do not hesitate to reach out to my office with any questions, concerns, or ideas for new legislation. Your input is essential to our success and a thriving Washington Parish.

God Bless,


State Representative John Wyble

Mobile: (985) 515-1020

Committee Assignments: Agriculture, Forestry, Aquaculture, and Rural Development, Civil Law and Procedure, House and Governmental Affairs, House Select Committee on Disaster Recovery

District Office Locations: 

Franklinton Office:

943 Washington Street

Franklinton, LA 70438

Bogalusa Office:

748 Avenue F,

Bogalusa, LA 70427


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